A Meatball… We call it Frikadelle in Germany

What you see above is a Meatball, called Frikadelle in Germany. This is pretty famous in Germany. We do eat that often. But we make more Meatballs for each Person, then you can see on the Photos above. It is just one Meatball because the Husband of my Mother filled Bell Peppers with Meat and there was still some Meat over. He then created one Meatball for us all and I found that funny. I love Meatballs.

3 thoughts on “A Meatball… We call it Frikadelle in Germany

    1. We have really some cool stuff to offer here I think. I love my countrys food too but love to try out alternatives too. I am a great fan of italian food. I also eat asian stuff sometimes and food from many other countrys. I like to try things out. I think food from other countrys is very special because we dont eat that everyday.. but if we do, then it is very special, interesting and tasty. I always said italian food is the best in the world but when I visited france I thought each country has to offer so great and tasty things 🙂

      Where have you been stationed in germany?

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