My Mother is already in Christmas spirit!

I told you already that my Mother is pretty creative sometimes. She also likes to create Christmas floral arrangements. Last Days she told me that she started to create some. I took the Photos above. She makes them and gift them later to all the other People in the Family. I think she has fun doing so. As I said she loves to be creative and crafting. It´s always fun to see that my Mother has such Activities. I think it is important that you have Hobbys and Activities. And I do think crafting is one of these great Ideas to have a nice Time.

2 thoughts on “My Mother is already in Christmas spirit!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes she loves to create or arrange stuff. I think I will get one too but I told my Mom that she should use an electro candle instead of a real one because my cat is extremely nosy and I would have to be careful with a real candle. 😀

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