I am back to the Blogsphere with an upgraded PC System


I wrote few Days ago that it will be quite on the Blog here for some Days due to a PC System upgrade I was planing on. So I am back with a new System now.


I decided to buy following System Components which I use in my new System now:

Mainboard: AM3 Gigabyte 970A-UD3
CPU: AM3 AMD Phenom II 965 4x Cores 3,4 Ghz
CPU Fan: Xilence M303
Ram: Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3, 2x 4gb 1600Mhz

My other Components are still:

Graphics: Gainward Nvidia Geforce Phantom 570 GTX
Power Supply: Corsair 650 Watt TX

And indeed all the other Stuff you need to enjoy the Computer Hobby. I made the upgrade of the Mainboard, CPU and Ram due to the Fact that my old CPU was a Bottleneck for my Phantom 570. Thats at least what I believed.


While I was still able to play a lot of Games with my old System on very high settings, I thought I should not wait to long with a System upgrade because I want to enjoy Games and Tools of the Future as well. As I sold some things and as I saved some Money, it was now a great Time for the upgrade.

I am pretty happy about the new System. Fast and smooth. No Problem running every modern Game on highest Graphic settings. The only other upgrade I might do next Month is an additional 8gb Ram Kit of Corsair so that I have 16gb (4×4) RAM overall.


You Gamers might say that this is to much and that no Game will need 16gb RAM at the Moment but I dont think only about Games. I use Music Production Tools and 3d Graphic Tools as well. And for some Applications you never can have enough Memory. I work with 3d Applications but I never tried creating Animations simply because my System was to slow to render all the Images for the Animation. I will give it another try with the new System soon…

But I still need to install a lot of my daily used Tools. It´s a lot and I didn´t finish it yet.

Here are some other Photos which I took while upgrading and working on the System…

So I do think that I will enjoy my Hobbys again with the new System. Also like always it was a lot of fun to working with Hardware and upgrading the Computer. I love that. It is by the way one of my other and various Hobbys 🙂 I think all these Hobbys are the Reason for the Headline of my Blog 🙂

7 thoughts on “I am back to the Blogsphere with an upgraded PC System

    1. Yea that is basicly what I knew. I run 64bit Windows 7 and a few 64bit applications so that 8gb which I plugged in are already pretty cool and supported on these applications. But I did consider additional 8gb next month due to the low ram prices in germany at the moment and because the 3d applications 3dmax and cinema 4d would love 16gb. Also ableton live would benefit from it I guess. I plug my guitar into the computer and use a lot of vst plugins and depending on what kind of music I create also Synthesizer.

      I also dont think that you need 16gb yet for any game. But for the mentioned applications it would be fun and will help. Especially when we talk about creating 3d animations or video editing. 🙂

      Anyway thanks for the link.

      My old system wasnt upgraded over 4gb due to the fact that I used 32bit windows at that time and that there was no support for more then 4gb.

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