I Should Cook More Often

Above you can see a dish that I cooked yesterday. I made meatballs stuffed with ewe’s cheese. I did eat it with noodles and gravy. I used ground beef and ground pork, I added one egg, ketchup, mustard, freshly sliced onions and fresh parsley. I added some salt and pepper and breadcrumbs. Then I did knead everything together and started to form meatballs. I am not sure if this is different elsewhere, but that’s how most people do it in Germany. The only thing that was not so German about my meatballs is that I stuffed ewe’s cheese into them … Continue reading I Should Cook More Often

A Meatball… We call it Frikadelle in Germany

What you see above is a Meatball, called Frikadelle in Germany. This is pretty famous in Germany. We do eat that often. But we make more Meatballs for each Person, then you can see on the Photos above. It is just one Meatball because the Husband of my Mother filled Bell Peppers with Meat and there was still some Meat over. He then created one Meatball for us all and I found that funny. I love Meatballs. Continue reading A Meatball… We call it Frikadelle in Germany