Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

This collection of seagull photos is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details. We took these photos on the baltic coast in Travemünde (North Germany). I do think the photos fit to the photo challenge because they are close-up photos of the seagulls and I do think you can see a lot of details on the photo because the seagulls flown by pretty close. I really dislike self-praise but this time I have to say that the photos are simply awesome. But I do think we should thank the birds 🙂

I also would like to mention that we took the photos near the four-masted barque called Passat. On some photos you can see the barque in the background. I have already some more photos of the Passat on my blog… if you are interested, take a look here. If you like, you can also browse for differend other Photos.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

    1. Agree. Some lucky shots.. there is a reason why they came so close. We bought and eaten a sausage bun there. But this will cover another blogpost since I still have some photos of this funny situation. All I can say is… it has been difficult to protect our sausage buns 😀

      1. Hehe, I can only imagine 😛 You should definetly post those photos.

        It’s funny how tilting your camera just a few degrees can add a whole new dimension to the photos. My favorite is the first one where you can see the whole background, and it’s also the clearest one.

        1. True. The first one was my favorite photo too. The last photos are not so great but I decided to upload them all anyway because I liked how the seagulls appear on differend shots. 😀 I pretty much like the seagull on one of the darker photos, which looks into the camera like “why to hell do you make photos of me?” I thought this is funny.

          I will upload the other photos of the storie next days. Because there is still one particular photo, some people might think “LOL??!!?” 😀

          I liked how you described the dimension. Thanks. I appreciate that kind of feedback. It is often better to hold the camera straight but I agree, it looks great on the bird photos here.

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