More Fruits

If you are readings my blog since some time, you probably heard that I love vegetables, especially tomatoes and cucumber or anything that goes into the salad. Yeah, that’s fine, because I know people who hate vegetables and I am glad that I am different in this case. The issue is however that I usually shared the same feeling about fruits, I wouldn’t say that I hate fruits but they were simply not often on my menu, except bananas maybe. When I was shopping today I saw beautiful looking apples and got the idea to start eating more fruits. Sometimes … Continue reading More Fruits

Curry Flavoured Sausage

On this photo you can see a sausage with curry flavour and mustard. Not to be confused with a real Currywurst! On the photo you see a very typical German sausage with a very unusual flavour when it comes to German sausages. It’s basically just something new, an alternative if you are bored of all the other sausages you can find in Germany. The curry flavoured sausage is not a big thing here and has not the popularity like our real Currywurst that I linked in this post. However, the sausage you see on the photo does taste great, I … Continue reading Curry Flavoured Sausage

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

The motto of this weeks Photo Challenge is Threshold. They say that Threshold means that we can share a photo that captures the threshold. They mean that point just before any action happens. I though the photo above would fit pretty much. It´s before Shyna gets her favorite cat snacks. It´s before I started to feed my cat. I took the photo when we shot all the other photos of an earlier set. The hasty furball image, the red-eyed cat photo, the photo for the cat tricks article, the funny meerkat cat trick article and the above my cat scene. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

If You Have Polish Neighbors, You Will Get Tasty Snacks…

My mother has Polish neighbors and they are very friendly. My mother even laughed and said they are in fact too friendly. What she means is that they often bring things to my mother like delicious snacks and food. For example if it´s weekend and if her neighbors have visitors, they also will bring some of the delicious things down to my mother and that happens often. But my mother gives them things too, for example if my mother’s husband did cook again some delicious German food. I noticed it is a “give and receive” there and I wish I … Continue reading If You Have Polish Neighbors, You Will Get Tasty Snacks…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

The photo above is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge with the motto Inside. It is one photo of a new photo shoot with my cat Shyna and I will upload the other photos maybe over the next days as there are some cute images in the set. But talking about this photo here, you can see a cat snack inside her mouth, which is her favorite sort of cat snacks. I thought this image would fit pretty much to the challenge motto. What do you think? Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

My Cat with her favorite Snack

This is a Photo of my Cat while enjoying a Cat Snack. It is dry Food for Cats and very special Stuff because it contains little bit Cheese. You could call them Cookies with Cheese Stuffing. I sometimes call it Cat Raviolis! I buy that special Stuff one Time a week for her as additional Treat. She gets crazy when she nose on it. But it´s expansive Cat Food. I mean expansive for the Amount you get for 2 €. It seems to be so tasty that my Cat does not have a Problem to eat it all in just … Continue reading My Cat with her favorite Snack