Curry Flavoured Sausage

Curry Flavoured Sausage

On this photo you can see a sausage with curry flavour and mustard. Not to be confused with a real Currywurst! On the photo you see a very typical German sausage with a very unusual flavour when it comes to German sausages.

It’s basically just something new, an alternative if you are bored of all the other sausages you can find in Germany. The curry flavoured sausage is not a big thing here and has not the popularity like our real Currywurst that I linked in this post.

However, the sausage you see on the photo does taste great, I can tell you. As said, something new and surprisingly tasty. If I describe the taste, I’d say it’s a German sausage with that delicious Indian flavour.

2 thoughts on “Curry Flavoured Sausage

    1. I probably would test all of them except the salmon sausage 😀 I never liked the taste of fish but this is so since I am child. Apart from that I would really go nuts and eat all of the sausages I find in your area to see how you do prepare them and how they tatse. I love sausages so much 🙂

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