Curry Flavoured Sausage

On this photo you can see a sausage with curry flavour and mustard. Not to be confused with a real Currywurst! On the photo you see a very typical German sausage with a very unusual flavour when it comes to German sausages. It’s basically just something new, an alternative if you are bored of all the other sausages you can find in Germany. The curry flavoured sausage is not a big thing here and has not the popularity like our real Currywurst that I linked in this post. However, the sausage you see on the photo does taste great, I … Continue reading Curry Flavoured Sausage

Here Another Tasty Bratwurst…

It´s not a secret that I am german and it is not a secret that germans love Bratwurst and mustard. We have many different types of brats. If you need a fast meal when you are outside, it is always convenient if there is a bratwurst stall on your way. The Bratwurst on the image above was pretty expansive. I was shocked when the salesmen said I should pay 6 Euro (8 USD converted) for the tiniest Coca Cola bottle and the Bratwurst. That means 4 dollar for each! Anyway, the Bratwurst was as always tasty and a good snack … Continue reading Here Another Tasty Bratwurst…

German Bratwurst, Mustard And Bun

Bratwurst with mustard is pretty tasty. You can also eat that with a bun. It´s not that surprising that I as a German do eat Bratwurst very often. I think that is a broad statement that really fits to us Germans. I wouldn´t say that we eat it every day but once in a week could fit. We have so many different kind of sausages here. Yes, there is a huge assortment. The Bratwurst on the image above is a bigger one and very tasty. Continue reading German Bratwurst, Mustard And Bun

Two Person and two differend Ways to put Mustard on the Sausage

The husband of my mother and me were hungry when we visited Travemünde. But my Mom was not hungry. So her husband and me decided to buy a typical german sausage bun with mustard. But we had to put the mustard on the sausage bun and after we done that, we noticed a difference… This is the sausage bun of him… And this is my bun… We really had to laugh a lot. There was this discussion if the differend ways we put mustard on our sausage does say anything about us,… especially about me? What do you mean? Continue reading Two Person and two differend Ways to put Mustard on the Sausage