Here Another Tasty Bratwurst…

Bratwurst und Senf

It´s not a secret that I am german and it is not a secret that germans love Bratwurst and mustard. We have many different types of brats. If you need a fast meal when you are outside, it is always convenient if there is a bratwurst stall on your way.

The Bratwurst on the image above was pretty expansive. I was shocked when the salesmen said I should pay 6 Euro (8 USD converted) for the tiniest Coca Cola bottle and the Bratwurst. That means 4 dollar for each! Anyway, the Bratwurst was as always tasty and a good snack for the way.

4 thoughts on “Here Another Tasty Bratwurst…

    1. Thank you. We have a tasty cuisine I think. I am proud, that I would say this. Hope you will have a lot of fun here in Germany the comming summer. 🙂

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