If You Have Polish Neighbors, You Will Get Tasty Snacks…

Brought by polish neighbors

My mother has Polish neighbors and they are very friendly. My mother even laughed and said they are in fact too friendly. What she means is that they often bring things to my mother like delicious snacks and food. For example if it´s weekend and if her neighbors have visitors, they also will bring some of the delicious things down to my mother and that happens often. But my mother gives them things too, for example if my mother’s husband did cook again some delicious German food.

I noticed it is a “give and receive” there and I wish I would have such a good atmosphere with my neighbors too. I mean I have friendly neighbors too but it is more like “Hello”, “How are you?” and “Bye!”. I´d say that it is more small talk with my neighbors while my mother really calls her neighbors friends. But some streets away where I live, there are benefits too. Here are more younger people and that means they are loud. Some would now say “Oh my god, no!” but I say it is great due to the fact that I play guitar. It means that I can play guitar without getting trouble with the neighbors. I mean on weekends for example. Nobody cares and they maybe don´t even hear me as they are louder than me. That are benefits too.

But anyway. It´s great that my mother has cool neighbors and that they think about each other all the time. It seems to be a very good atmosphere over there.

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