My Mother Got A GoPro Hero 3+ Camera For Free

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

It´s not often that someone in my family has luck. But I talk about contests and the reason is that we usually don´t participate in contests or lotteries. But there is this very serious company that we know and they sometimes run contests and the conditions of participation are not that horrible like in most of the contests. What I mean is, that it is no scam and everything is really fair. My mother did participate and a month later she has won a GoPro Hero 3+ action camera.

She got the video camera and we saw that this one is worth of over 400 euro (round about 550 USD). My mother had really problems to decide if she would use this camera or not and we talked a lot about it and even tested the camera. If you ask me, it is a great video camera but the problem is that the camera has a wide-angle lens. Some would now say “Wow, that is cool!” and it is, if you are interested to record sport or action footage. We saw many videos on YouTube where people put this little camera on their motorbike, horses, paragliders and what not. You could use this camera even if underwater if you go dive as it is a 60 meters water proof camera or at least the casing that comes with the camera. So far great, but the only problem is that my mother has not any action or sport interests where the camera would be a blessing. But the wide-angle makes footage really look great in this cases.

Now I must say that the camera is not only good for sport footage but also for landscape footage. I´d say that the wide-angle lens is awesome for any kind of footage where no objects are near the lens and I really talk about 30 or 40 meters near the lens. To give an example, if you take ocean footage or footage of a flat landscape, it will look like a panorama and pretty much professional. But if you have trees directly in front of you, the video will have the fish-eye effect. You can reduce this a little bit if you take a smaller resolution but to come to the point, a wide-angle lens simply does not work in every situation.

A wide-angle lens has it´s purpose for sure and I told my mother that nature footage would look fantastic. We came to the idea that we could use it on our rubber raft in the summer, when we visit any of the rivers here or the Baltic Sea which is not far away. Sure, there would be many more ideas where the footage would look great. But are three or four records it worth? My mother really had problems to make a decision and I had to help her a little bit.

I asked her “Mom, if I would have won 400 Euro instead of the camera, would an action camera like the GoPro Hero 3+ the first thing you would like to have” or “Have you ever heard about this camera before?” and “Would this thingy be on your wish list if you would have 400 Euro to spent for anything?”. The answer was a clear “No!” and she said that a video camera would be the last thing she would have thought about. We also said that we could also use our smartphones for the little records we do in a year.

Today in the evening my mother will put this thingy online for sale on Ebay and so. We tested it and it is for sure a very good video camera but we would not find much purpose for it, and I bet other people would. There is a market for this camera as you can see on YouTube if you type in GoPro Videos for example.

But I also asked my mother what she would do with the money after she sold the camera. She answered that she had a lot of fun with a friend last summer when they went to the nature and her friend had two metal detectors. They found a lot of coins, necklaces and other sorts of jewelry. But she always had to borrow the metal detector of the good friend and she noticed that this would be a hobby for her too but she would prefer to have her own metal detector. The friend told her that there are very high-priced metal detectors too but he started with a 300 USD metal detector years ago. He has now a better one but my mother borrowed the cheaper detector and said it does the job very well and is enough. She talked so much about it that I said “Mom, you talk as if you would be fascinated by the hobby!” and she said “Yes, I think a metal detector would be much more likely on my wish list if I get the money if I sold the camera”.

She is also a little bit fascinated by photography and I uploaded some of her images on my blog too. She was using a cheap digital camera too and a better camera would be on her wish list too but not this GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera she got. Well, if this is not clear? I told her “If I would have won the camera, I would have sold the camera even without unboxing”. I said that because I know what I want and how my personal wish list looks like. A DSLR or SLR camera is on my wish list, maybe even a new guitar and so on. I know that I would be able to gift me at least one of the things from my wish list if I would have won and sold the GoPro Hero. I have some savings and the sold GoPro would have added just another bunch of money and I wouldn´t be that far away anymore to fulfill one of my personal wishes.

But the thing is that I am not the winner of the camera and I suggested my mother that she should ask her self what would have value in her opinion. It´s about her interests and not my interests. She could either save the money for later or she could fulfill one of her wishes too. I think a metal detector would be a good idea as she talked so fascinated about it. Not only because it is about finding things that have value, she also said that the activity is quite interesting as you seek for stuff in the nature like the forest or on the beach in the evening. This does sound indeed interesting. But as said, it´s her decision and I guess she will find out what she will do when she sold the camera.

Let´s see.

4 thoughts on “My Mother Got A GoPro Hero 3+ Camera For Free

    1. Yep, we noticed the limits. It´s really that you can´t have any objects in front of you, otherwise it will look like fish-eye. But other than that, you can do some great things with this camera.

      So, I agree. This camera has its purpose. It´s a great camera for action stuff like in your case cycling but also other things like smorkeling. And I noticed for landscape footage.

      We tested the camera on the German autobahn from Lübeck inner-city to the area outside where the beach is (20kilometers). At home we were really impressed by the footage of the camera. We also thought to use the camera in summer when we visit the beach, for snorkeling but thought that the Baltic Sea is maybe too dark.

      Nothing to say about the GoPro. There are a lot of purposed for the wide-angle lens and we would find ideas. However, we said if we do 5 videos a year with it, it wouldn´t be worth to keep the camera.

      At the end, it´s Mom´s decision. It looks like she is interested in other things. I hope she won´t regret it when she sold the GoPro. I already know now, that I will hear in summer “Umm, now we would have needed the GoPro” as we use the rubber raft on rivers in summer and so on 😀

      I´ll check out your channel to find out what you do with the camera. It´s really interesting to see what other people do with this thingy.

      1. You are right. I do not use it as much as I thought I would. I think I will attach it to the dashboard of my car and take videos of my drive to work. There are so many bad drivers that do stupid things that I could probably get some good videos that I can post on youtube. 🙂

      2. Haha, yes this is a good idea. You could also prove a lot with the footage, in case one of the bad drivers would cause an accident, what I don´t hope will happen to you. But sadly this happens sometimes and with modern technology you are at least on a good side, when it comes to evidence.

        But apart from that, those street videos are really interesting anyway. One day I viewed some of the street videos from other countries on youtube, because it´s interesting to see how it looks like in other countries on the street 😀

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