Old Weapon

The photo above shows my old Medion 14.0 MP digital camera. I think my very first images on this blog were all taken with a phone camera but that was at a time when the cameras in phones were still not that good. So, to get a bit better photos I purchased the Medion camera back then and I think I shot quite a lot of photos with it over time. You could say this thing started my love with photography, and at some point I demanded a bit more and then I purchased my first DSLR camera, the Nikon … Continue reading Old Weapon

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

I had a hard time to find a nice scene for the Photo Challenge of this week with the motto Abandoned. I thought I would take photos of some abandoned buildings here in Lübeck. But I remembered that I did this already and I was a little bit stressed this week, so that I didn´t want to walk through my city. But I found an abandoned object. I have a box filled with very old computer hardware, that I abandoned. I took a dusty and dirty video card out of the box and thought I could make a close up … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

The Cross Spider

In 2012 I bought a cheap Medion digital camera which I reviewed at that time. It was really a good digital camera for that price but I don´t use the camera anymore since I prefer my smartphone camera at the moment. The main reason is that I have my smartphone all the time with me and that is an advantage. But you can find a spider photo in my older camera review and now I took this spider image to apply some effects with the android app called Pixlr-o-matic. I really like how the mood of an image can change … Continue reading The Cross Spider

A close-up Shot of a Bumblebee which is collecting Pollen from a yellow Flower

I did caught this Bumblebee in a great Moment. The Bumblebee seems to collect Pollen from the yellow Flower. I guess this is a great Shot considering that I did shoot the Photo with my low-budget Medion MD 86830 Digital Camera. I just increased the Contrast of the Image a little bit. Last Month my Mom took a similar close-up of an Insect but it was a Hoverfly on a Flower. I pretty much like those Snapshots of Nature and Insects. As always, here is the list of all the other Flower Photos we took and uploaded to the Blog: … Continue reading A close-up Shot of a Bumblebee which is collecting Pollen from a yellow Flower

Some new Flower Photos, a Spider and the new Digital Camera

Some of you noticed that my blog was at least the last few blog posts focused on photography as my mother took some pretty awesome flower photos with a low-priced camera but the results were pretty awesome under the mentioned conditions in my opinion: – This Flower isn´t dangerous – A Flower which could play Music or not – Deep Inside the Flowerbed – A pretty yellow Flower and the Bugs – A pink Flower for Birthday That really floored me and I really can get pretty much excited about creative hobbies. I play guitar, I love to mess around … Continue reading Some new Flower Photos, a Spider and the new Digital Camera