Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

I had a hard time to find a nice scene for the Photo Challenge of this week with the motto Abandoned. I thought I would take photos of some abandoned buildings here in Lübeck. But I remembered that I did this already and I was a little bit stressed this week, so that I didn´t want to walk through my city. But I found an abandoned object. I have a box filled with very old computer hardware, that I abandoned. I took a dusty and dirty video card out of the box and thought I could make a close up photo of an old microchip.

graphics card microchip

To be honest, I can´t even remember what kind of video card this is. I researched with help of the label “MVGA NVTNT2MA” and found out it is a NVidia AGP graphics card with 32 MB ram (wow, how time flies!). I think this thingy was called Nvidia TNT2. This time I didn´t take the photo with my smartphone.

I used my Medion camera that I abandoned too as I used my phone all the time to shoot photos. But the Medion camera really works better for “macro” or close up shots. It was a cheap camera but I would say it´s not a too bad camera. By the way, the Medion camera was one of the reasons why I became more interested in blogging, at that time. It´s funny, because I took a lot of photos with the Medion back then and this lead to more stories I published with the photos together.

But as said, today I usually take photos with my smartphone as I have the phone all the time with me but the camera not. This is why my camera was abandoned for some time too but I found the camera a few days ago and I maybe should use this one for close up photos. I think it´s better.

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