Two Friends

Two Horses

I found the horse photo above in my library and liked it without editing. That means I did not change anything and just uploaded it to this post here. I called the post “Two Friends” because it looks like they both have a good time. I found them on a farm during one of my hikes months ago. I always like to take pictures of horses and if you do like them too, you might want to check out my growing horse photo collection.

5 thoughts on “Two Friends

      1. I understand. I once pulled over to the side while driving because I saw a gorgeous horse, I just had to take a photo of!

    1. Now that you say this, I see what you mean.. but I think this could be due to the low angle and zoom. I remember they looked larger in real 🙂 I like horses too and I wish I would have my own horse but I think that remains a dream 🙂

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