Beautiful Horse With A Shitty Owner

Today we had nice spring weather and after I finished my errands, I thought it would be a nice idea to go out and enjoy the weather, especially after all those days of voluntary quarantine. So, I grabbed my camera bag and started to walk with the sunbeams warming up my neck. I found two cats and even a grey heron but then I saw a paddock with beautiful white horses and decided to take a close-up photo of one. You can see the picture at the top. But a second after I didn’t look through the viewfinder anymore, I … Continue reading Beautiful Horse With A Shitty Owner


Here is a photo that I shot last year if I am right. I remember I was hiking somewhere outside of the city and found a very small farm with several ponies. One was curious and came closer to the fence. But with the tele lens I got even closer, so that it turned out like a good horse portrait. I didn’t really edit the photo a lot, it was just a bit dark that day, which is why I increased the exposure level a bit in Lightroom. I hope you like the photo. I have more photos of horses … Continue reading Pony

Two Friends

I found the horse photo above in my library and liked it without editing. That means I did not change anything and just uploaded it to this post here. I called the post “Two Friends” because it looks like they both have a good time. I found them on a farm during one of my hikes months ago. I always like to take pictures of horses and if you do like them too, you might want to check out my growing horse photo collection. Continue reading Two Friends