Horse Eye

Trying something different, I shot a close-up photo of a white horse as I wanted to focus on one of the eyes. I like how it turned out, you can see the eyelashes very well. This is rather an experimental photo, I really like to try things out. The photo was taken during my hike yesterday. I didn’t take a lot of photos as I find it difficult in this less colourful season, but sometimes I still spot interesting things on my way. I hope you like this experimental photo too. Continue reading Horse Eye

Beautiful White Horse

As promises, my horse category on the blog is starting to fill up. I like horse, they are so peaceful and beautiful to watch, and they make great photo subjects. The photo in this post was shot on the same day when I took this horse portrait. Every horse is beautiful, but white horses really look majestic. I remember that princesses in medieval movies often were on a white horse, I know it’s a cliché, but that’s how it often is in movies. That’s maybe why I associate the horse in the photo with a horse of a princess. I … Continue reading Beautiful White Horse

Another Beautiful Horse

As promised, I already started to add some of my horse photos to my blog. The photo in this post was shot when I hiked through the Riesebusch area in Bad Schwartau. It is a brown and white horse, but it almost looks like a black and white horse. I saw the horse in this post on a small field together with a beautiful white horse. Now there are already a few entries in my horse category, but I will increase the amount over time to have a nice horse photo collection here. Continue reading Another Beautiful Horse

White Horse

As I mentioned some time ago, there are still not enough horse photos on my blog. While I still have many that I didn’t upload yet, I am always happy if I find new horses and this happened today when I hiked through the Riesebusch in Bad Schwartau. I found two horses on a field located near the forest, and the white horse got my attention right away, as same as the horse noticed me. It was the perfect chance to take a nice horse portrait, what do you think? Continue reading White Horse

Wet Horse

As mentioned in this post, I thought I should upload more horse photos to my blog, and I have shot quite a lot that I want to upload over time. The photo in this post was taken in Reinfeld, since this is a countryside it was easy to find horses everywhere. The photo was shot after it rained, that’s why the ground and the fur is so wet, but it makes the fur look interesting in my opinion. I hope you like the image, if so, check out my other photos. Continue reading Wet Horse