Wet Horse

Brown Horse

As mentioned in this post, I thought I should upload more horse photos to my blog, and I have shot quite a lot that I want to upload over time. The photo in this post was taken in Reinfeld, since this is a countryside it was easy to find horses everywhere. The photo was shot after it rained, that’s why the ground and the fur is so wet, but it makes the fur look interesting in my opinion. I hope you like the image, if so, check out my other photos.

27 thoughts on “Wet Horse

    1. Yes, it is a different breed… I don’t know a lot about horse breeds, but this one in the photo is very common here, I see them often in Northern Germany, but I don’t know how they are called.

        1. No, he won’t be a help to answer this question, my uncle just lived there for three or four years, but it was more about the house and not about the nature or the animals… in fact, in the five months I’ve been there, I learned more about the area and the animals than they knew. His family always made jokes about me like “After five months, they could drop Dennis with a parachute, landing on a field or in the forest, he would still find back home”, but even if it was a joke, I do now know the area that well and I would find back home (laugh). I explained them where I hiked, what kind of birds I have found, and so on…

          They don’t know a lot about the animals there, I always tried to convince them to hike with me, sometimes they came with me, but then only on very short 2 km hikes (my hikes are usually 12 – 22km, depending on the weather, my mood and my condition). It was different with my cousin, he is 15 and followed me a few times, he was totally excited about the nature and didn’t even have a problem with 18 km, he was fascinated on the hikes. Due to the disease, my uncle couldn’t hike so long anyway, but even without disease he always prefered to go fishing, we did that often back then in Salem (Ratzeburg) where there is a lot of nature too, I always enjoyed this with my uncle, but it’s some time ago. My uncle knows everything about the fishes in our rivers and the ponds πŸ™‚

        2. I think so πŸ˜€ Like all my horse photos… with birds I do at least have some hints before I research, like colors of the feathers and so πŸ™‚

        1. Yes, I tried to find out, but learning about horse breeds seems to be more difficult than learning about different birds, because with birds you have much more clues when you research πŸ™‚

        2. I have found that too. If you can’t find the actual breeder, nobody seems to actually know. A lot of horses are also cross-breeds, or relatively new, so it gets even more complicated πŸ™‚

        3. Good point Marilyn…. that’s why I basically just gave up and now I focus on just uploading the horse photos when I have some to share πŸ™‚ With birds however, I do often accept the quest to find out about the species if I don’t know the bird… but even there it can get tricky at times πŸ™‚

        4. But at least there are a LOT of birder sites … and there are books. I have five, maybe six, some quite old, but all of them invaluable in helping me identify things. The books give lots of little tips on how to tell similar birds apart … often a problem. There’s a whole section called “Little Yellow Warblers” in one of my books … but in the end, unless I get a VERY good look at the bird, I say to myself “Oh, that was one of those little yellow warblers!” πŸ™‚

        5. That’s true Marilyn. There are so many good websites about birds, I found some favorite German sites for example where it is often easy to find birds… I don’t own bird books myself, but my grandpa did lend me a very good one, this book is a help too. Still there are some tricky things, like female or male differences, seasonal plumage, local variations and so on. Anyway, to me, researching about birds is much easier than learning about different horses πŸ™‚

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