Dark Horse

I do always take photos of horses if I see some. They are beautiful, like all animals. To be honest, if I would win the lottery, I would probably get myself a horse too. When I hike through small forest areas, I often see people riding their horses through the forest. This must be relaxing. Talking about the photo again, I am wondering if it is normal that you can see the rips of the horse. I am no horse expert. Is the horse ill or is it just a very skinny horse? I still think the horse is very … Continue reading Dark Horse

Wet Horse

As mentioned in this post, I thought I should upload more horse photos to my blog, and I have shot quite a lot that I want to upload over time. The photo in this post was taken in Reinfeld, since this is a countryside it was easy to find horses everywhere. The photo was shot after it rained, that’s why the ground and the fur is so wet, but it makes the fur look interesting in my opinion. I hope you like the image, if so, check out my other photos. Continue reading Wet Horse