Black Horse

I just realized that I have quite a few horse photos on my blog but not a single black horse. So, here it is. I found the black horse at the top in my photo library. This photo was also shot during my time in Reinfeld. Since it is a rural place, I saw quite a lot of horses there but I haven’t uploaded them all yet. I will slowly work on this because I always shoot more photos than I can upload in time. But I said this quite often and I think you photographers know the problem as … Continue reading Black Horse

Beautiful Horse With A Shitty Owner

Today we had nice spring weather and after I finished my errands, I thought it would be a nice idea to go out and enjoy the weather, especially after all those days of voluntary quarantine. So, I grabbed my camera bag and started to walk with the sunbeams warming up my neck. I found two cats and even a grey heron but then I saw a paddock with beautiful white horses and decided to take a close-up photo of one. You can see the picture at the top. But a second after I didn’t look through the viewfinder anymore, I … Continue reading Beautiful Horse With A Shitty Owner