Much Fur

I don’t take a lot of dog photos but this might be a lie. It’s probably more correct to say that I take more cat photos than I do take dog photos. But a while ago I saw a dog crossing my path in a garden area and the owners were far behind the dog, which means it was a good chance to take a photo without having one of those common discussions about whether I am allowed to take a photo of someone’s dog or not (sure, I am allowed, but I am tired to discuss it with those … Continue reading Much Fur

Relaxed Cat

Ok, I showed you so many other cat photos that I thought it’s time to also mix in a photo of Shyna again. I showed you already a similar photo that I shot the same day but that was edited in black and white. Also, I really can’t delete photos unless they’re really bad or can’t be improved. I sometimes also like to edit some photos differently later on, which is another reason why I never delete photos of the same set or day. I hope you like this photo too, she looks relaxed, doesn’t she? Continue reading Relaxed Cat

Beautiful Tabby Cat

Above is another photo that I shot today. Again, I had a hard time to get close to the cat and I needed to press the shutter button fast. So, I had a bit of luck that I got this photo because this cat disappeared right after I shot the first photo. But I got a second chance later, which is why I have another photo for a future post. I am lucky how the photo turned out even if I had to crop the image heavily. It was a very agile cat and disappeared like a rocket (laugh). But … Continue reading Beautiful Tabby Cat

Battle-scarred Tuxedo

The title of this post is maybe a bit exaggerated, but I called it “Battle-scarred Tuxedo” because the cat in the photo above looks like it was involved in a brawl or two. The nose looks battered, and it appears like the cat has some kind of battle scar below one of the eyes. Also, this cat doesn’t exactly make the impression to be welcoming. It rather looks like a mad cat. It also walked confidently straight into my direction. I think this cat is the boss of a gang because there have been three cats on the same garden … Continue reading Battle-scarred Tuxedo