Gray Cat is Wary

wary gray cat

You guessed it. I’ve been in the gardens again today to take more cat photos. Lighting conditions haven’t been great because I went outside late and it was pretty cloudy but I have steady hands and can work with slow shutter speeds. I met some cats but today I didn’t get any close-ups, which means I will have to crop some of the images. I also cropped the image above. I met this cat and it didn’t let me get too close but I somewhat managed it to get an ok photo. It’s probably a bit noisy due to the cropping and the higher ISO settings, but I think the quality still goes through. Obviously, it’s an outdoor cat, but I am not sure if it’s a feral cat or if it belongs to any garden owners. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a feral cat because the few people I’ve seen in the evening carried their cats home with a pet carrier. I also made the experience that the super shy cats are usually feral cats and the confiding cats often not. This one was pretty shy and ran away.


2 thoughts on “Gray Cat is Wary

    1. Thanks. What I like about the picture too is that there is not too much going on. Basically just 3 colors or things… the cat, the grass, the path. Nothing distracting. I think this is my favorite picture of today.

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