Cloudy Eye

Today in the afternoon, the weather was good again and I decided to go to the gardens again to take cat photos, but this time another garden area. But that was not very successful because I only saw one cat there within three hours of walking through that area. It was either an unlucky day or they don’t have as many cats there as the other garden I walked through recently. I wanted to go home and call it a bad day but a friend lives on my route home and I decided to visit him. The weather was still good and we sat outside on the stairs of his front door. I told him what I was doing in his area and mentioned that I could just take one cat photo. He then said: “I have a neighbor and his cat is visiting me every day, with luck you will see the cat as I saw it before you arrived”.

It was funny because 2 minutes later the cat appeared in front of us. I shot some good photos of the cat but I am too tired and too lazy to be organized today and will only do posts with single photos. Before you find the photo below, I will tell you a short story about the cat. My friend told me that he knows this cat for a long time and if remember correctly, he said the cat is 14 years old. While he told me this, I looked at the display of my camera and zoomed into one of the photos and realized that the cat has a cloudy eye. He then told me that he noticed this in the past too and that he told it the owner, who then went to the vet with the cat. I got told that the vet saved the cats eye but I think the cat is blind in one eye. As said, I will show you some more photos of this cat in the future but for now it’s just one…

a cat blind in one eye


4 thoughts on “Cloudy Eye

    1. Yes, and it is a very friendly cat. Came pretty close to us and sat there for a while. Almost like it was thinking “Hi guys, can I join the chat?” 🙂

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