Keep Your Distance Human

Today I challenged myself again to take new cat photos. The garden areas are great for that. I already tried the same yesterday and I got a really nice close-up photo of a beautiful ginger cat. But that doesn’t always work because not all cats let you come close and my 70-300mm lens won’t help me either if I am too far away. Some cats are shy or cautious and prefer it if you keep your distance. I found one that absolutely didn’t want me to come closer. I got a photo, but it was shot from the distance and … Continue reading Keep Your Distance Human


Here is a photo that I shot last year if I am right. I remember I was hiking somewhere outside of the city and found a very small farm with several ponies. One was curious and came closer to the fence. But with the tele lens I got even closer, so that it turned out like a good horse portrait. I didn’t really edit the photo a lot, it was just a bit dark that day, which is why I increased the exposure level a bit in Lightroom. I hope you like the photo. I have more photos of horses … Continue reading Pony

A Frog Photo

Above is a photo of a frog that I shot when I visited my mother in their garden. They have a small pond, and sometimes I find frogs along the edge. It’s a bit difficult to photograph them because her husband did put a protection net over the pond. I mean, it’s not impossible to shoot through a net, but fortunately there are some holes that make it possible to get clear shots without net patterns. I like the photo that I could take of the frog. Continue reading A Frog Photo

Fallow Deer

As I said often, I am also interested to upload my old photos that I shot a long time ago before I even owned a DSLR camera. At the top is a photo that I shot in 2012, how time flies. I am pretty sure I shot this photo with my old Medion Point-and-Shoot camera back then. The photo was shot in Mölln, a very beautiful place here in the North of Germany. I hope you like the photo. In my opinion it’s an example that you can also take interesting photos with cheap equipment, and that it’s more about … Continue reading Fallow Deer

Happy Sheep

Here is a photo that I shot on my way during the last hike. I saw some fields with sheep, but we have lots of them in Northern Germany. I think they have it good for the time of being because the fields are usually very large, that’s why I wrote “Happy Sheep” in the title. I didn’t do a lot of editing except for some tone changes as usual. I did “mute” the green color a bit to make the sheep become a bit more present in the image. In other words, I did decrease saturation of the color … Continue reading Happy Sheep

Beautiful White Horse

As promises, my horse category on the blog is starting to fill up. I like horse, they are so peaceful and beautiful to watch, and they make great photo subjects. The photo in this post was shot on the same day when I took this horse portrait. Every horse is beautiful, but white horses really look majestic. I remember that princesses in medieval movies often were on a white horse, I know it’s a cliché, but that’s how it often is in movies. That’s maybe why I associate the horse in the photo with a horse of a princess. I … Continue reading Beautiful White Horse