White Horse

As I mentioned some time ago, there are still not enough horse photos on my blog. While I still have many that I didn’t upload yet, I am always happy if I find new horses and this happened today when I hiked through the Riesebusch in Bad Schwartau. I found two horses on a field located near the forest, and the white horse got my attention right away, as same as the horse noticed me. It was the perfect chance to take a nice horse portrait, what do you think? Continue reading White Horse

Chicken Close-Up

I mentioned already a few times that my mother and her husband hold several chickens in their garden. I like the chickens a lot, they are really funny and they have their own big lawn where they will follow you everywhere if they trust you. That’s not only funny and cute, they do also make great photo subjects. I usually photographed them fully but this time I tried to take a close-up photo. I hope you like the picture. Continue reading Chicken Close-Up

A Horse With Blue Eyes

I noticed that I don’t really have a lot of horse photos on my blog. However, I did take quite a lot of horse photos, especially in Reinfeld. So, I have many horse photos on my hard disk, and I think I should start to upload some of them. I thought I start with this post, I found this photo in my folders and thought the horse is quite beautiful. I noticed the horse has blue eyes, that is quite cool! Continue reading A Horse With Blue Eyes

Beautiful Brown Horse

I am back to Lübeck, but I shot so many photos in Reinfeld that it will take ages to upload them all to my blog. Anyway, I don’t complain because it’s good to have so many photos for future uploads. In this post I wanted to show you one of the photos that I shot there, it’s a beautiful brown horse on a lawn and I hope you like the photo. I never expected that I would get so much into photography, but now I do already have quite a mass of photos on my blog. Continue reading Beautiful Brown Horse

Walking Rook Bird

When I go outside for a walk with my camera, I pay a lot of attention to the things around me, and I usually decide if it’s worth to take a picture in a situation or not. But to be honest, sometimes I just take a photo without thinking a lot about it, I talk about random photos that I take spontaneously. This can happen if I am curious how the photo would turn out, if I want to see something up close later on the computer screen, if I am experimenting, or just for the fun to press the … Continue reading Walking Rook Bird

Beautiful Yellow Bird

In this post you can see a photo of another bird I found in the mentioned bird station. I saw several signs with explanations of the birds, but I think they had more bird species than signs. So, in this case I can just assume that the bird in the photo is a canary bird. I am sad that I shot the photos in the evening during overcast sky, because I had to use ISO 1600 and that is the reason why the image is so noisy. I didn’t want to use the noise reduction feature in Lightroom too heavily, … Continue reading Beautiful Yellow Bird