Happy Sheep

Photo of a sheep

Here is a photo that I shot on my way during the last hike. I saw some fields with sheep, but we have lots of them in Northern Germany. I think they have it good for the time of being because the fields are usually very large, that’s why I wrote “Happy Sheep” in the title. I didn’t do a lot of editing except for some tone changes as usual. I did “mute” the green color a bit to make the sheep become a bit more present in the image. In other words, I did decrease saturation of the color green and removed a bit of luminance in the green too. I hope you like the image.

12 thoughts on “Happy Sheep

    1. That’s possible with Photoshop and also Lightroom with the adjustment brush and sometimes with selective coloring as in the case of the sheep photo where I just needed to desaturate the green color. I am glad that I still have old CS6 standalone versions, because I really hate the Adobe cloud and subscription plans in general. I’d probably still suggest both Lightroom and Photoshop if Adobe wouldn’t have come up with this damn subscription model. The truth is, there is nothing that comes close to Adobe tools, and they sadly make use of this monopoly 😦

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