Finally, Hiking Weather

Hiking Trail

We had some very mixed days again, some already warm but also stormy days. Today in the morning, I watched out of the window and thought the weather would be perfect for a hike. It was warm but I felt a fresh breeze when I opened the window. This really seemed to be perfect, because if it’s too hot, it’s not good either. I like it if there is a breeze when I go hiking, because then it’s not a torture and you don’t sweat too much. So, I packed my camera and the 70-300m lens into the bag and decided to walk around the Wakenitz river in Lübeck. I knew this would not be an easy hike, because the hiking trail sometimes ends and then you have to go through some streets of a city district and later back on the trail. Apart from that the river is not straight-lined, which means it’s a longer hike than it looks like on the map. Hiking around the Wakenitz is a bit of everything, you see nature and city districts.

I must say the last kilometers back home were difficult, everything started to hurt, my feet my joints and my whole legs. I walked 22 kilometers (Almost 14 miles). I think that is on par with my record, because my longest hike was 22 kilometers. I would have broken the record if I would have walked 23 kilometers. I am a bit out of practice due to the long period of bad weather, that means it was a bit over the top for the beginning. Anyway, I think this is healthy, even if everything still hurts, my soul feels so good after these hikes.  My mind feels very relaxed now.

2 thoughts on “Finally, Hiking Weather

    1. I like to go out during rain too, but not so much with the photography gear. But it really depends how hard it rainds, if it’s not much I go out with the camera too. I don’t trust the companies and their weatherproof statements… but I know there are raincoats for cameras and lenses that can be bought, for paranoid people like me 🙂 I should do that some day. Apart from that, I do really agree… I like how the air smells when it’s raining 🙂

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