Another Cat Photo

I think it’s cat week here on my blog, that’s at least what you could think after I challenged myself to get more cat photos for my blog. As I mentioned, I was strolling through the garden areas as there is a good chance to find outdoor cats and stray cats. It’s not always possible to find them but there is a good chance I will. The other difficulty is that some of them are anxious or shy. The cat in the photo above was cautious and prefered to avoid me, which means I couldn’t get a nice close-up photo. … Continue reading Another Cat Photo

Keep Your Distance Human

Today I challenged myself again to take new cat photos. The garden areas are great for that. I already tried the same yesterday and I got a really nice close-up photo of a beautiful ginger cat. But that doesn’t always work because not all cats let you come close and my 70-300mm lens won’t help me either if I am too far away. Some cats are shy or cautious and prefer it if you keep your distance. I found one that absolutely didn’t want me to come closer. I got a photo, but it was shot from the distance and … Continue reading Keep Your Distance Human