Almost Overlooked

Three days ago I walked through the gardens again and almost overlooked the cat you see in the images above. But then I couldn’t trust my eyes, there were two cats on a roof but one of the disappeared quickly, the other one did let me take some photos, which you can see above. It was an almost completely black cat, but it has a white fur bib as you can see. The images above are the best that I could get but I also have some more as the cat gave me enough time to check out what type of photos I can get…

Althought not on the roof but on the say way, I also took the photo of this cat. So, I’ve been pretty busy on this path. And as said, the third cat was on the roof but disappeared quickly…

8 thoughts on “Almost Overlooked

    1. I actually just wanted to do it for a week but it was so interesting to only look for cats that I continued the last days. I usually don’t know what I will photograph on my way, but challenging myself to only look for cats, was for me a completely new way of doing photography. I mean, I usually somewhat needed to decide a bit, like will I take my macro lens with me or my tele lens? But I never decided what subjects I would look for. But as it turns out, this can be super interesting as well.

      I still have some coming when I have time for editing and uploading. And I might take some more next week. There is a high chance of rain at the moment, and yesterday I got caught in the rain when I was looking for cats. I didn’t mind the drizzle, but then it got worse and my lens got wet and I put it in the bag and went home.

      Yes, while the cat gave me enough time to take photos, it didn’t seem to be happy about it 😀

      1. In Australia we seem to get more kittens born around February and October. I’m not sure if this is true in other places but I think most of my cats have been born during these months. Of course I have had to estimate some as they were rescue cats. If it is the same in Germany you may encounter more kittens between now and the end of the year.

        1. I think that is true. And it’s similar here. In Germany, people tend to call kittens “May kittens” or “September kittens”. I am still subscribed to the local ads and the times are right… it’s usually spring or autumn. Mostly May or September here.

          So, yeah… it might be that I got the photography idea at the right time. I hope to photograph more kittens.

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