Brexit Coin

A week ago I got a Euro coin back as change money and didn’t notice it right away, but at home I had to laugh when I realized someone attempted to stamp out the United Kingdom from the coin. So, I took my 40mm macro lens and shot a photo. The person had a funny idea but I don’t think that it was correctly executed as Ireland is stamped out as well and not just the United Kingdom. It could also be that it is coincidence, that the Euro coin was not damaged on purpose. But anyhow, it looks to … Continue reading Brexit Coin

German elections 2013 and the non-voters…

Ok now I do remind what was one of many reasons I started to write in a blog. Gettings annoying things out of the head. Tomorrow is German election and I had a talk with a non-voter today. His opinion sounds like “I anyway can´t change anything as the bigger parties do win again like always”. I know this guy and he often complains about the political situation in germany. Well, in fact many do since the euro currency. But talking with a non-voter is strange, really strange. I mean, how can he say that he can´t change anything when … Continue reading German elections 2013 and the non-voters…

A Photo of two Sand Lizards and further Informations

My little young cousin did catch two Sand Lizards for a short photoshoot in Salem (in North Germany). It´s one older and one younger Sand Lizard. Indeed… she did release both to the nature after taking the photos because the Sand Lizards are threatened due to the continuing endangerment of their habitats which I will explain further in this article here. But my little cousin reminds me to my own childhood. She is always on the campground in Salem with grandma and grandpa. There is a lot of nature and she´s just discovering that all in her young years like … Continue reading A Photo of two Sand Lizards and further Informations

Daily Prompt: Places

The Daily Post asks “Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?” and I must say it is difficult to answer. One thing is sure. Nature offers a lot of interesting places. And I am lucky that I can discover most of these places today even if it is via internet. Thank´s for all the interesting blogs, photos and stories in the internet. My financial condition would not allow me to travel to all of these interesting places. But there a many possibilities anyway. Born and living in the german federal state called Schleswig Holstein, I am surrounded by the North … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Places

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

This is a Photo of a big and old four-masted Barque called Passat, anchored in the harbour of Travemuende in North Germany near Lübeck. The Ship Passat stays there on her Anchorage all the Year and you can enjoy this beautiful Ship when you walk there. It is a big Ship with the Lenght of 105,4 Meters and Width of 14,4 Meters and a Draft of 7,24 Meters. The Passat has a Displacement of 6.280 t. As said the Passat is a german four-masted Steel Sailing Ship. It is one of the legendary Flying P-Liners of the Shipping Company F. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Big