Architecture in Lübeck near the Market and Town Hall


That is a photo I made in my hometown, the historic city of Lübeck. You can see typical german brick architecture in the photo. It´s near the town hall and market of Lübeck. There is often plenty of life and not only because it is the market but also because there are many shopping streets around the market.

Also you can see behind the architecture on my taken photo that there is a pedestrian zone which is often busy. On the architecture you can see the emblems of the city Lübeck. What you see in the photo is the architectural prettiness of the old Hansa town Lübeck. I rather focused on the architecture now but I will shoot some photos of the complete market soon too.

The name of the nearby market is by the way called “Kohlmarkt” (in english Coal Market). The Name comes indeed from the medieval times because coal was a heavy sold commodity there at that time.

The architecture in Lübeck near the market looks still original but I think they had to rebuild or at least repair a lot of pieces after the World War Two as Lübeck was a target of allied bomber and Lübeck was a real heap of ruins after that.

I found by the way public domain images of the market in Lübeck from the time before the First World War at 1905.. these images make me think that I should make one of these “At that time and today” comparison photos some day…

Market of Lübeck in the Year of 1905
Market of Lübeck in the Year of 1905

If you see the roof in my photo and on the image of 1905, then you will find out where I took my photo today. It is really somewhat in it´s original state apart from the fact that there aren´t trees anymore today.

I really will make a photo from the same view like in the image of 1905 some day to have a better comparison. I just need to find a time when not much people are there, it would be better with less people I think. Let’s see if I will do this some day.


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