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A Photo of the Train Station Lübeck in Greyscale


This is in front of the Train Station in Lübeck Germany on a rainy Day. I decided to change it to Greyscale as I found it better for this kind of Photo but I am not sure. Lübeck does not have a huge Train Station. I mean not huge compared to Train Stations like those in bigger german Citys, for example Hamburg or Berlin.

However.. as Lübeck has a population of less then 300.000 People it´s still a big Train Station if you go in. I think there are round about 9 Rails but 6 are used for the Passenger Traffic in differend Directions like Hamburg, Lüneburg, Travemünde Beach, Puttgarden respectively Neustadt, Kiel and so on.

I remember that I loved to play with a big Model Railroad in the Train Station of Lübeck when I was a child. You simply did put in a very small amount of 50 Deutsche Pfennig or so and then you was able to play with the Model Railroad which was a lot of fun when I was young. Sadly this Model Railroad is not there anymore. Only my Memories of that Time still remain. As a regular reader of my Blog, you maybe noticed already that I sometimes come up with some additional Storys as I start writing spontaneous after adding the Photo here. The Meories to the Model Railroad in the Hall was a spontaneous Story which came in my mind after looking again on my Photo.

Back to the Train Station I just want to add that this is just the Entrance at Frontside and there is another one on the other Side. Also there is a big Bus Station differend Shops and so on. I think it´s somewhat bigger then it looks on the Photo. But in this Case here I just wanted the old Architecture to be on the Photo and that is the main Entrance. And now comes one Fact I had to research via Google… The Train Station in Lübeck has been build in 1851.

I will shoot some more Photos if I go through the Train Station next time.

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