Watching Trains

Kids love trains, at least I heard of several kids that do and I haven’t been any different when I was young. My grand cousin is no different either. I noticed this during our bicycle tours when we cycled over bridges with railways underneath as she pointed with the fingers at the coming trains and I stopped so that she can watch. Since then, we regularly take the bike to do that. Just recently, a neighbor mother inspired me with the idea to check the train station as she is doing it with her son. So, we went to the … Continue reading Watching Trains

Lübeck Train Station

I wanted to share a photo with you of the train station in Lübeck. But this is actually a photo that I didn’t take. My mother shot it with her smartphone and I really liked the image. I like the perspective from where it is shot. Since I do of course know the train station too, I think she shot it from the stairs. This photo is in my opinion a great example that it’s actually not bad to take photos with a phone. Not only is the quality satisfactory, but another advantage of smartphones is that they have a … Continue reading Lübeck Train Station

On my way home…

I still feel the side effects of yesterday. It was a big day and I don´t know where to start telling you. In the time when I was 18 and up to 24 or so, there was a very shabby but anyhow cool club in Lübeck. They organized a techno party called “Last Friday” each month and the name says all… it was always the last friday of a month. But apart from this event they also organized great evergreen music events. To come to the point, you were able to go there every friday and saturday as there was … Continue reading On my way home…

A Photo of the Train Station Lübeck in Greyscale

This is in front of the Train Station in Lübeck Germany on a rainy Day. I decided to change it to Greyscale as I found it better for this kind of Photo but I am not sure. Lübeck does not have a huge Train Station. I mean not huge compared to Train Stations like those in bigger german Citys, for example Hamburg or Berlin. However.. as Lübeck has a population of less then 300.000 People it´s still a big Train Station if you go in. I think there are round about 9 Rails but 6 are used for the Passenger … Continue reading A Photo of the Train Station Lübeck in Greyscale