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Just a Photo of some Plants in my Fish Tank


This is just a Photo of some Plants in my Fish Tank. In the Background there are a lot of “Vallisneria” but I am not exactly sure what kind of “Vallisneria”. I just can say they grow very long. When I did not do anything on my Fish Tank it happened sometimes that they get longer then one Meter. No Joke. This can be a real Mess on the Water Surface. You can either let them grow if you have a Fish School which likes darker Areas in you Fish Tank or you you can cut this kind of Plants as this wont destroy the Vallisneria. But you shouldn´t cut them straight as this can look bad. Rather cut a bevel end. I also do suggest to cut them anywhere under the Water Surface. If you cut them to low then they might die. This is my Experience. But I think “Vallisneria” are easy to care. I did maintain differend kind of “Vallisneria” without any Problems.

The low Plants in the Foreground are called “Blyxa japonica” and they are pretty great but in my Experience not easy to maintain. I tested them in two differend Fish Tanks and I can tell you, they need intense Lighting. Reflector Equipment attached to my Lights did a great Job in my 200 Liter Fish Tank with two 45 Watt Lights. In the smaller Fish Tank without Reflectors I had not much Luck with the “Blyxa japonica”. There were not such good Lightning Conditions. “Blyxa japonica” is also not a beginner Plant as this kind of Plant need much more Co2 and you can acomplish this with Co2 Injection Equipment. “Blyxa japonica” also needs a good Fertilization including Nitrate, Phosphate, Potassium, and Micronutrient Supplement.

I cant give you the Name of the Plant on the right. I am not sure. And also not the Name of the lonely Plant in the Middle. But the Plant in the Middle likes to grow on the Water Surface. I did not know this, at the Time when I took the Photo. I had no success when the Plant was implanted in the Gravel. The Plant just started to float someday and was growing pretty fast on the Water Surface. The funny thing is that this Plant grows out of the Water Surface. It looks cool and you can smell them. They smeel of Herbal.

I have many more Photos of my Fish Tanks and I think I will upload them time by time here and write anything to the Photos. So far..



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