Schellbruch In Grayscale

I didn’t like how the image above turned out, because the photo looked very bleached and I changed it to grayscale to make it look better. The image had so much whites and it was even hard to fix it with Lightroom. Sometimes, when images are too white, with too much reflections or if the image is somewhat overexposed or if it looks too bleached, changing it to grayscale or black and white might be an option. I think the result is acceptable anyhow. I shot the photo at the Schellbruch, I haven’t uploaded all the images from there yet. Continue reading Schellbruch In Grayscale

The Pink Ladybug

This ladybug did sit on the finger of a friend last summer. And I had to shoot a photo. I recovered the photo in one of my folders today and decided to edit the photo. I didn´t like the original image and added some focal blur and decreased the color saturation in the area while I kept and enhanced the color of the ladybug so that the insect stays in focus. I decided to colorize the ladybug from red to pink so that the image looks somewhat unnatural and funny. The result of the last change is not that good … Continue reading The Pink Ladybug

Groß Schwansee on the Baltic Sea in Autumn

We took this Photo in Groß Schwansee last Autumn. Found this Photo in my Folders and thought it is worth to share. The original image was pretty noisy and didn´t look right. I decided to decrease Colours and thought it looks better. I still have plenty of photos in my folders which I will upload because I dont have any new photos at the moment. I simply dont find good scenes to shoot right now. Well, that happens. Groß Schwansee means translated “Big Swansea” and it someone fits because we noticed a lot of swans there. I think I have … Continue reading Groß Schwansee on the Baltic Sea in Autumn

A Photo of the Train Station Lübeck in Greyscale

This is in front of the Train Station in Lübeck Germany on a rainy Day. I decided to change it to Greyscale as I found it better for this kind of Photo but I am not sure. Lübeck does not have a huge Train Station. I mean not huge compared to Train Stations like those in bigger german Citys, for example Hamburg or Berlin. However.. as Lübeck has a population of less then 300.000 People it´s still a big Train Station if you go in. I think there are round about 9 Rails but 6 are used for the Passenger … Continue reading A Photo of the Train Station Lübeck in Greyscale

An ugly Street in my Hometown

This is an ugly Street in my Hometown Lübeck. Anyhow I did shoot directly in the Direction of the Sun and this is not good. But well… this is Stuff what I still have to learn in Photography. The original Image is even worse but I thought if I convert the Image to Greyscale it could look ok. It´s better then before but I am still not happy. I also added some contrast. This made the Street and Walls appear more… umm… I dont know and I dont find a Word. I just thought it would improve the Image a … Continue reading An ugly Street in my Hometown