An ugly Street in my Hometown


This is an ugly Street in my Hometown Lübeck. Anyhow I did shoot directly in the Direction of the Sun and this is not good. But well… this is Stuff what I still have to learn in Photography. The original Image is even worse but I thought if I convert the Image to Greyscale it could look ok. It´s better then before but I am still not happy. I also added some contrast. This made the Street and Walls appear more… umm… I dont know and I dont find a Word. I just thought it would improve the Image a little bit. I didn´t start Photoshop here. Every changes were made in IrfanView. Tips and Opinions of expert Photographer are welcome in the Comment Section 🙂 I need to learn more.

4 thoughts on “An ugly Street in my Hometown

    1. This is the old part of the town and I think this part of the town is pretty beautiful but the street on the photo has some ugly graffiti on the wall. Not that I dislike graffiti but in this case here I really dont see it as arts. Rather as scratchwork.

      Also the walls seems to be soaked on the right side. I think this is why I just found the word ugly. 🙂 But in this part of the city there are some other more beautiful and very old streets. I will show them some day here on my blog 🙂 Thanks for your opinion and commenting 🙂

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