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Tag: Streets



A few weeks ago I went outside to take some photos in the city during the rain. I actually wondered if the city cats would roam around during rain, that’s […]

Historic District Street

Here is another photo from Lübeck. I shot the photo in one of the streets of the historic district. That part of the city is quite old, and I think […]

Another Night Photo From My City

Here is another night photography approach, but I actually shot the photo during the dark autumn evening, not really at night. The photo was taken at the same day when […]

Good Morning City

Here is a photo that I shot early in the morning somewhere in my city. What I like about nights and mornings is that everything is so calm, due to […]

Creepy Weather In Thuringia

Here is a photo from last year. The photo is taken on a street in Thuringia and the weather was moody. I changed the photo to black and white because […]

Another Street in Lübeck

Time for another street photo from Lübeck. It´s a month ago when I took the photo and it is not a special one. But you can see pretty common architecture […]

An ugly Street in my Hometown

This is an ugly Street in my Hometown Lübeck. Anyhow I did shoot directly in the Direction of the Sun and this is not good. But well… this is Stuff […]