Historic District Street


Here is another photo from Lübeck. I shot the photo in one of the streets of the historic district. That part of the city is quite old, and I think you can see this with the architecture. I like the old appearance, but it sometimes hard to take photos of the streets in this district as you either will have people in the photo or parked cars. Also I do wonder if a wide-angle lens would work better for this type of photography, but well, there are still other things on the wish list and I won’t add something to it now (laugh).

2 thoughts on “Historic District Street

  1. I don’t mind people. I do mind parked cars. I remember being quite frustrated at times in Napier, New Zealand trying to photograph the art deco style buildings without including parked cars. I only had the one day so in some cases I just had to put up with them. I like a wide angle lens for buildings. When we used film cameras we bought a 24mm lens for that purpose. Now I just use the widest angle of the zoom lens.

    1. Yeah, it makes it difficult to frame the scene as you want it. But well, they have a right do park their cars, as we have the right to take photos 😀 I can imagine how this is a much bigger problem when you travel and can’t get your shot right… would make me sad 😀

      I think the wide end of my 17-105mm works well, but I like the sharpness of my 50mm more but this is too narrow for street photography as you can see in my post. The 50mm make the photo look cramped anyhow. But I think without the cars it would have been somewhat ok. As long as I just shoot through or along the street, it’s just a matter of my position and 50mm can be ok. But pointing the 50mm at a building in a narrow street, that’s not working so well and a wide angle is very handy… but I’d prefer a prime lens over my kit lens 😀 Dreams, dreams, dreams… 🙂

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