Male Mallard


Here is a photo that I actually wanted to delete because the photo was extremely overexposed. But since I shot the photo in RAW format, I tried to take a look if I can improve the photo. Well, to be honest, the trick was to change the photo from colours to black and white, but I changed the shadow and highlight values before I did that, and I added contrast to the photo. I think the photo is actually not that bad anymore after the edits. You see a male mallard in the photo, and you can find even more photos of ducks on my blog if you like.


4 thoughts on “Male Mallard

    1. The photo had several issues, but I think with black and white conversion you can hide many issues like too overexposed images and so. In this case the last option was black and white filter, but it worked out well to hide the issues 🙂

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