Male Mallard

Here is a photo that I actually wanted to delete because the photo was extremely overexposed. But since I shot the photo in RAW format, I tried to take a look if I can improve the photo. Well, to be honest, the trick was to change the photo from colours to black and white, but I changed the shadow and highlight values before I did that, and I added contrast to the photo. I think the photo is actually not that bad anymore after the edits. You see a male mallard in the photo, and you can find even more … Continue reading Male Mallard

Female Mallard

Here is a photo of a mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), also called wild duck. The duck in the photo is a female mallard, the males look very different and have a green head, with brighter and different plumage, and at the neck it looks as if they have a white collar. I have a post where you can see both a female and male mallard, the male is on the left and the female on the right. But I think the photo is not as great as the close-up photo of the female duck that you can see here in my … Continue reading Female Mallard