Time Out For My Legs: Adductor Muscle Strain On The Thigh


I just established a new category on my blog, I will call this one medical photography. You think I am funny? No, I am just bored. At the moment I have issues with my legs, I visited the doctor and he diagnosed adductor muscle strain. I got Iboprofen for the pain, and the friendly hint that it will go away in eight weeks and if I am lucky even earlier. So, since I can not go out at the moment, I thought I challenge myself to take a photo that describes my problem well.

The strain started last week and I thought I could just wait this out. I noticed that I got difficulties to raise my legs, because the inner thigh muscles did hurt a lot when I tried that. I still could walk a straight stretch, but I had difficulties with stairs. Another morning I noticed that I even had problems to put on my jeans. I had to put the jeans on the ground and raised my legs two centimeters above it to get into the pant legs and then I pulled the jeans up.

Another day later the symptoms disappeared at least on the left side, but I still had this with the right thigh muscle but now much more painful. Getting into the bathtub was so funny that I wanted to laugh but the pain did hinder me. I stepped in with my left leg first but had to drag the right leg into the bathtub with both hands. Yes, you always find a workaround, but I was pretty sure that this would have been a great scene in a comedy movie too.

I could go on and tell you funny things, but yesterday evening it wasn’t that funny anymore. Now the pain increased and I got constant cramps in the leg when I moved it just a little. Getting into the bathroom or kitchen was a big mission. I now had the impression that it could also be a disc prolapse, that’s why I tried to get to the doctor today and I am glad it’s not a disc prolapse but the adductor muscle strain. Don’t ask me how it happened, my doctor just said it happens.

I didn’t want to do a lot outside anyway, it was either quite windy and rainy or too cold over the last weeks. There was a flood on the German coast a week ago or so, and I hurried to get outside to take some photos of the overflowed streets. I think that’s what could have causes my problem, it was very cold outside and my muscles were not warmed up. Now I have a bit more time to work on uploading older images to the blog, or I can challenge myself again and try to take some photos at home.


10 thoughts on “Time Out For My Legs: Adductor Muscle Strain On The Thigh

  1. Dear Dennis, I am sorry to hear this. I can almost understand you, I will say this, (but I am older than you, my problems are because of my age.) I know what it is to be at home… But yours will be fine again, take care of yourself and stay in warm. To take photograph indoor is so enjoyable too, you can take from the windows too… as I make. Nothing made me laugh whatever you described in there, I felt your pains. It is so bad, Get well soon. Thanks and Love, nia

    1. Yeah, I think this is not doomsday but still quite annoying. I think the last time I had something like this, I was 15 years old and in a soccer club and it was a sports injury 😀
      Being at home can be fun, I still can play computer games or I will challenge me with home photography… maybe taking a look out of the windows as you said, or waiting for my cat to appear and take some portraits of her 🙂 A macro lens would be handy now, you can do a lot of things with a macro lens at home, but I don’t own one yet. Thank you Nia, take care, I get well soon 🙂

  2. Gad! I can well imagine the pain you are in! I broke my pelvis when I was a child, and I periodically move in just the wrong way to injure muscle and nerves by stretching them over a calcium ridge that formed on my pelvis as it healed. After that happens, I just have to endure the sharp pain till things heal up. I get a little relief from pain killers (though I avoid the really “good” ones that are of the opioid variety…), but mostly I relearn the lesson that I just don’t hyper-extend the right leg in any way that brings about the injury. Take care, Dennis, and welcome to the awful world of pain.

    1. Outch, that doesn’t sound like fun either, and it’s sad that a problem remained after the healing. I have something new every year… one year it was a trismus, another year I had carpal tunnel syndrom that comes and goes, and now this…. but as long as it doesn’t kill us, we can be happy 😉 Talking about my carpal tunne issue that comes and goes, it has to do with all these straining hobbies on the hand, like writing pc keyboard, playing too much guitar, holding a d7100 in the hand and so on… other issues come as I maybe hike a bit too much miles sometimes 😀 I think I would have been more annoyed by the adductor muscle strain in summer, but since it’s cold and rainy outside, I will get along with it as I meanwhile browse the web a lot 😀 Take care too Weggie!

  3. Sorry to hear about your injury. At least it is cold and wintry so it’s a good time to stay indoors and catch up with photography work and and enjoy some gaming. Of course it is an annoying injury for a hiker but by spring you should be as good as new. Might be a good time to find any of Shyna’s old toys, the ones cats like to chase, and see if she would like to play with them again.

    1. Yes, and quite stormy in northern germany at the moment… we have rain, sometimes snow or hail and really much wind. Yeah, even if everything would be ok, I wouldn’t have liked to go outside. Indeed, can’t await spring, the winter bores me this time, probably because I took so much bird photos last spring and summer, that was more fun.

    1. That’s true, I had similar things often when I was a teen and in a soccer club… strains were pretty common. But considering how often I walk by foot, and how much miles, I don’t wonder that I can get this with hiking too. But since it’s quite cold outside, my muscles probably were not warmed up and I got this.

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