Walking Duck


I have no more problems with my leg, it’s now just an annoying issue of the past. But the weather is still kinda boring and I still don’t want to go for a long hike. But I went to one of the local ponds with my mother because you can find a lot of ducks there and swans. That’s where I shot the walking duck photo that you can see above in this post.

I cropped the image to get even closer as I shot it with my 50mm lens. But I included the uncropped version of the photo at the bottom of this post, because I like both images. I’d say it’s a female mallard, but the white chest is a bit strange and I have read that it could be a hybrid duck. You can find more duck photos on my blog if you like.



4 thoughts on “Walking Duck

    1. That’s a good point, that might be the case. I liked the picture when I saw it on my computer screen, because it’s visible how one feet is moving. Sometimes the result of too slow shutter speed is cool. 🙂

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