Reinfeld Landscape Retro Photo

Reinfeld Landscape Retro Photo

I found one photo in my library that I shot in Reinfeld, and I was quite happy with the landscape scene but not with the overall quality of the image. I wondered if I could still create something with it, and I got the idea that I could try some of the retro effects of Silver Efex Pro 2. Retro photos don’t appear in good quality, but there is something fascinating about old photos which makes them look great. So, talking about my photo, I thought I could hide the issues very well if I convert the image into a retro photo, and I thought it would make the photo interesting. I was surprised, because the idea worked and the result is pretty cool. By the way, if you use Photoshop or Lightroom, you should check out the free Nik Plugin Collection, Silver Efex is part of it. It’s fun to play with plugins to try different effects.

4 thoughts on “Reinfeld Landscape Retro Photo

    1. Yes, I pretty much like classic or retro photos too… I always liked it if my grandmother showed me very old photos. They don’t only tell something from the family past, they simply look special 🙂

    1. I was zapping through the Silver Efex Pro 2 black and white or aging presets and stopped when I saw the retro style effect. I found some sliders where I could make manual adjustments, one was called “structure” and I think this gave the trees a more noisy look and I added more contrast to make the trees stand out more.

      I actually wanted to delete the original image, because there were too many issues and no matter what I did, it looked bad. But usually before I do this, I try at least black and white conversion, and aging an image seems to be another last step to convert a bad image to an interesting looking image. 🙂 I like that.

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