Reinfeld Landscape Retro Photo

I found one photo in my library that I shot in Reinfeld, and I was quite happy with the landscape scene but not with the overall quality of the image. I wondered if I could still create something with it, and I got the idea that I could try some of the retro effects of Silver Efex Pro 2. Retro photos don’t appear in good quality, but there is something fascinating about old photos which makes them look great. So, talking about my photo, I thought I could hide the issues very well if I convert the image into a … Continue reading Reinfeld Landscape Retro Photo

Bearded Dragon Reptile

Above you can see a photo of a Bearded Dragon Reptile. I took this photo some time ago when I visited a friend as he own two of them. I wrote about it at that time. I took one of the images of the article I posted and edited the image with an android app called Pixlr-o-matic. Well, the image in the article here is the result and looks different now than the original image. I have already posted other images I edited with pixlr-o-matic. I really can suggest to try this free app out as you can get pretty … Continue reading Bearded Dragon Reptile

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

I think flowers have curves as well and this is why I want to participate with a flower photo in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves. I found this flower on the balcony of my mother and the flower was in front of a white solar protection wall, which was great because layering effects work too great then. I took the Photo with the camera of the Sony Xperia P Smartphone. I didn┬┤t want to make rocket science with Photoshop and edited the image pretty fast with the smart phone app called pixlr-o-matic. It is an easy app and you can … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

New Photo of my cute Cat

I took a new photo of my cat Shyna with the camera of my Sony Xperia P Smartphone. I also edited the photo with a smartphone app called pixlr-o-matic. I really can suggest this app. You can add different effects pretty fast with this app. Yes, it is a similar app like instagram and you can save your edited photo local as well. I liked the result and thought that this photo is worth to share. Love my cat so much, which means you can alays expect new photos of her on my blog! ­čÖé Related Category┬┤s – More about … Continue reading New Photo of my cute Cat