Autumn Style Edit

It’s time again for another “before and after”. Above you can see the “after editing” version. Below will be the “before editing” version. But to be honest, I did cheat a bit again because I also used a couple of effect presets of Color Efex Pro in Lightroom, but not without adjusting them. Before I tried any effects, I did the usual tone adjustments on my own, like changing exposure and playing with contrasts. I also added clarity to the wall on the right side, and darkened the street a bit and stuff like that. As said, apart from the usual adjustments, I tried different presets…

I used one effect that is called “Indian Summer”. I am not exactly sure why the effect is called like that, I would have given it a name related to autumn, maybe “Autumn Color Effect”. I say that because always if I played with the effect, it did basically adjust the green tones and made them look red unless I changed some settings. No matter how it’s called, I like what it does. If you think your original image looks boring, adjustable presets are fun to try because it might happen that one of the effects fits so well that it makes you change your opinion about the image you are working on. This is what happened here, because the original looked kinda boring….


9 thoughts on “Autumn Style Edit

    1. This is in fact almost a lonely place… it’s at the edge of the city, where things start to look more rural 🙂 When you take the path that you can see in the photo, you get into forest and after that there are only fields and farms. Always when I go there, I see one squirrel at the same tree lol… looks like the squirrel lives in this tree 😀

    1. Thanks… with the autumn colors this photo looks more alive anyhow, that’s why I was happy with the effect… the green original looked more flat and more boring, and there was no texture in the foliage and so, that’s why I gone nuts with different adjustments and I like it now too. 🙂

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