Black And White Landscape Photo

Above you can see a photo that I shot outside of Lübeck, to be more exact around Bad Schwartau. I liked the landscape, the tree, the field and the little hunting outpost that is visible. However, the resulting photo was bad because there was too much haze in the photo. A bit of haze is good but this was too much and made the image look kinda flat and I didn’t want to use a digital de-haze filter because I thought a black and white effect could look good. The idea was that it would add contrast, it would make you look at the line of trees and the hunting outpost. I think I like the landscape shot in black and white. You can find more black and white photos on my blog if you like.


6 thoughts on “Black And White Landscape Photo

  1. I think the haze is good. I really like the photo because the tree stands out from the other trees in the background. Without the haze, I think the tree would just blend in with the background.

    1. In the original image that was the case and all trees did blend because the haze was also strong in the foreground. I think the black and white filter made the dark colours contrasty and made the tree stand out. I think I also added a bit of clarity and it made the tree pop out even further. That’s why I thought it works well in black and white. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I do become more and more a fan of black and white filters…. this was one of those images that I almost deleted because the original was too flat, too much haze… A lot of issues can just be solved by applying a filter that surpresses certain issues and pushes the important features of the image… in this case black and white made the contrast, did let the tree stand out 🙂

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