My Cat And The Chair

My cat likes the PC chair. It’s a leather PC chair that I have to protect with a wool blanket because it already got some scratches. Since there is a wool blanked on it, Shyna stopped to destroy the chair, because… you know, why would somebody want to destroy the own belongings? We were able to make an agreement. If I use the chair, it’s mine. If I don’t use the chair, it’s hers. So, whenever I am not on the PC, she is sleeping on the chair with the wool blanked. Sometimes there is an easy solution to solve issues… in this case I am happy, because I have a happy cat and a happy chair (laugh).

8 thoughts on “My Cat And The Chair

  1. My two Persians, Andy and Dougy, really wasted my leather PC chair. The very day I got it, they used it as a scratching post before I could save it. Shyna and you seem to have worked out a much better arrangement than I did with my kitties!

    1. Yes, but the agreement came too late… there are already several scratches at shoulder height. Or not scratches but puncture holes of the claws… I don’t care because the chair is still working, but I also don’t want her to damage it further. Now with the blanket it works, because she sees it as her relaxing place…. apart from that, when I have guests, the blanket works to hide how the backrest looks like… but some guests asked and I replied “You know, I have a cat” and they laughed. I think, if you have a cat, there are definitely better alternatives to leather PC chairs… but this chair was a gift of a family member. At that time I said “Thank you” and laughed and said “I am afraid leather is incompatible with cats” and of course I was right 😀 I have luck with Shyna, generally she doesn’t destroy a lot, especially not fabric furniture, but it seems she likes to waste leather before it became her resting place with the blanket on it 😀

  2. One of my sister’s cats also loves the PC chair which has a blanket on it too. It is his favourite night time sleeping place but he will jump on it if she vacates it. Maybe it is the warmth of a just used chair or maybe this cat has a quirky sense of humour because he loves to steal our chairs. I’ve nearly sat on him at least once.

    1. Shyna likes to sleep on it at night too, especially if I fall alseep on the couch in the living room when I watch a movie or so. The chair is not far away from the couch, so, she likes to be close but having her own space, and the chair works great for that. Haha, yeah, with cats you must be careful, they could be everywhere 😀 Almost happened to me a couple of times too, especially when she did choose a new resting place that I didn’t know.

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