Along The River

Here is a photo that I shot in May 2015, oh how time flies. The photo was shot one month after I got my first DSLR. At that time I pressed the shutter button like a crazy person, because all that was so new to me and I wanted try this camera, to learn how it works. However, I didn’t like the photo at first, but I started to edit it, to see if I can change that.

Before you could barely differentiate between the green colors in the photo, but I changed it so that you can actually differentiate the bushes, the tree and the ground. I am also often unhappy how the sky looks like, this is way I started to become a fan of digital gradual filters. Also for this photo I thought a bit of fog at the bottom would make it more interesting. On a sidenote, lately I do only work with RAW files, but this one was still shot in JPG and I see how editing RAW files is more fun, because there is so much more tonal range detail then. Anyway, I don’t want to forget my old JPG files, they are not completely bad.

The photo was shot along the Trave River in Lübeck. On the sides of the river there are sometimes beautiful landscape scenes, that’s the reason why I shot this photo for example. You can partly find trees, bushes and meadows along the river, I do really like that.

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