Abandoned Building Near Rail Station

Here is a photo that I shot near the rail station of Lübeck. The original photo bored me and I wondered what I could do to improve the photo. It turned out that a black and white effect makes the photo look interesting. I thought this looks pretty much like one of those images that are used on old hip hop record labels. I like how this turned out. Sometimes you are just a few mouse clicks away to heavily improve a boring photo. I must say, I am generally a fan of black and white photos, but I think it doesn’t work in every case. I think here it does, what do you think?

5 thoughts on “Abandoned Building Near Rail Station

  1. Yes, it does look good in black and white, very urban.I’ve been watching a TV series about abandoned sites in the US and Canada. Shopping Malls, old stock car racing tracks, even abandoned towns. It is quite fascinating.

    1. I believe I wrote about it some time ago, and you might remember the particular post… in the forest of Reinfeld, I met another photographer who did mainly take urban photos, especially photos of abandoned things… he showed me the photos on the smartphone and it impressed me, and I think he specialized himself with the abandoned style or urban photography. Pretty cool stuff. As you, I also saw a documentary about “lost places”, as some photographers call it….really cool stuff.

    1. I messed around with different ideas but when I tried black and white, it was like “Yeah, that’s how it looks interesting”. 🙂

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