Abandoned Place

I thought I show you a photo again. The photo above was shot in 2015. I found that abandoned structure in Lübeck and shot several pictures from different sides. Today you can’t find that structure anymore because they dismantled and demolished it to make room for something new I guess. This is the fun part about photography as well, you can take these pictures and you as a photographer and the photos become witness of the past. Since I didn’t like how I framed the image (I was way too close), I edited on a way that it looks more … Continue reading Abandoned Place

Abandoned Building Near Rail Station

Here is a photo that I shot near the rail station of Lübeck. The original photo bored me and I wondered what I could do to improve the photo. It turned out that a black and white effect makes the photo look interesting. I thought this looks pretty much like one of those images that are used on old hip hop record labels. I like how this turned out. Sometimes you are just a few mouse clicks away to heavily improve a boring photo. I must say, I am generally a fan of black and white photos, but I think … Continue reading Abandoned Building Near Rail Station

Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

The Daily Prompt asks “Have you ever played in a band?” and I can answer this with a yes. As a guitarist since many years, I was a member of bands when I was younger and it has been an interesting but also a shady and shabby experience. It was not only about music but also about alcohol and drug experiments. I think we were some people that I wouldn´t suggest to imitate. It was still fun, but an experience I learned from. Our music was not too bad, but we didn´t focus enough on the music but more on … Continue reading Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat