Abandoned Place

Abandoned Place

I thought I show you a photo again. The photo above was shot in 2015. I found that abandoned structure in Lübeck and shot several pictures from different sides. Today you can’t find that structure anymore because they dismantled and demolished it to make room for something new I guess. This is the fun part about photography as well, you can take these pictures and you as a photographer and the photos become witness of the past. Since I didn’t like how I framed the image (I was way too close), I edited on a way that it looks more interesting. I wanted to make it look more dramatic, because the original somehow looked flat and dull. I added clarity to give the textures more structure and I adjusted many other things like contrasts and tones.

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Place

    1. Thank you. It was a bit difficult to take the shot because I was standing in the shrubs. It’s reason why I couldn’t stand more far away. So I had to try the best. It’s still sad that the roof is not on the picture. Shrubs can really make photography difficult 😀 Maybe some day I will try to get an ultra wide angle lens to experiment with that.

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